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Dear Animal Lover,

You are receiving this letter as part of our 2017 Membership Drive to help support our mission in the protection of abused, neglected and abandoned animals of Fairfield County.  As a private, non-profit organization we depend on donations from the communities we serve, and those who join us through this membership drive.  We continually strive to show our supporters all the good that comes from their support.  Whether we are adding programs to benefit animals that already have families, providing resources to help keep animals in their homes, improving our facilities as we continue to care for more and more animals or fighting for tougher laws to protect animals, we hope that our stewardship will convince you to support our cause.

So far 2016 has been a roller coaster of emotion here at the Humane Society.  We lost our long time Humane Officer, Bill Huffman, who passed away unexpectedly at the end of February.  Bill was a loving and dedicated man who spent the last 16 years of his life protecting animals.  Although we all miss him dearly, we continue to focus on enforcement of our animal welfare laws.  We received a big boost in that department with the completion of our new quarantine building in April.  An additional 1,700 square feet comprised of 8 dog kennel runs, a laundry and dishes area, cat quarantine room, grooming room and large garage has helped us tremendously.  The new building has been put to the test consistently since its opening as we have seized a staggering 141 animals for abuse or neglect so far in 2016!  With the addition of more space we have been able to repurpose our old cat quarantine into a new meet and greet adoption room that has been well received.  We have added grooming services, continue to offer our quarterly vaccine clinics, our monthly spay and neuter clinics and so much more.  With so much to share and so little room in this letter, we have decided to host an Open House on Friday, October 28th.  This event will be a great opportunity for you to stop out and see where your support goes and how we may be able to help you.  We will be open that day from 11a-7p for tours of our facility, the official grand opening of our quarantine building, the re-grand opening of our public dog park and much more. 

Please remember that your membership is a tax-deductible donation as we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Please complete the application (online or printable application) with a check for your desired Membership level

Thank you for your support,

Corey Schoonover
Executive Director
Vinton County National Bank
Standing Stone Bank
Lancaster Animal Clinic
Cross Creeks Animal Hospital
Winchester Veterinary Clinic
Stebelton, Aranda & Snider
Anderson & Co., LLC Realtors
Frank Smith Funeral Home
• Voiture 498
Home Helpers
Memac Industries, Inc.
• Carolyn & Daniel Fox
Carnival Foods Ohio
Pet Supplies Plus
Memories in Print Photography
Lancaster Money Saver
• Lancaster Estates
Winfree Ruff & Associates
Chief Tarhe VFW Post 1380
Kaiser Design Group
Interim HealthCare
Talk Radio WLOH
American Legion Post 11
Dean & Karen Dennis
Courtney Becker
Chris & Holly Bennett
Christine Bitler
Louis & Laurene Carson
Laurel Combs
Rebecca Anderson
Louise Bradford
Bonnie Bradford
Paul & Evelyn Burrier
The Pegg Family
Caroyln Fox
Theresa Anders
Jim Aranda
Rosalinde Baughman
Cynthia Berens
Carol Bowen
Marsha Bowsher
Faith Brown
Judith Cain
Charlene Carpenter
Sue Clark
Susan Clark
Sheila Cochran
Kathy Cottrill
Rosemary Crum
Cheree Daffner
Jerry and Linda Deeds
Michelle Dille
William Dunfee
Joann Elick
Pamela Emrick
Daniel Jr and Lisa Evangelista
Kay & Kevin  Evans
Rita Fischer
Becky Foster
Hopewell Dental Care & Associates
Jones & Company, LLC
Dana Dougherty
Friendly Bremen Banking Center
Danielle Keefer
Steve Landis
Brian Oricoli
Mitchell & Robyn Skowronski
Standing Stone Bank
Elza & Christina Wears
Nancy Weidman
Sam & Cheryl Frizzell
Jake & Martina Geoger
Memac Industries Inc.
Judy Jennings
Darrell & Lynda McDowell
Carol Moore
Ron & Judy Osgood
Tim & Lori Schaffer
Charles & Kimberly Spicer
Suzanne Varney
Barry & Joanna Young
Sharon K Franke
Becky George
Lorelei & Dave Gibbs
Jean Gray
Lynn Hall
Mindy Haning
Sherry Heisterkamp
Mike & Sue Henwood
Liselotte Hermann
Linda Holcomb
Bernard & Carole Holland
Jo Hosey
Polly Houser
Donna Huston
Mary Jackson
Kathy Kiger
Karen Lerch
Harry & Donna Lobdill
Fran Lyon
Dan and Jill Maldovan
Michelle Maskulinski
Mary Alice McBrayer
Deborah McKinster
Teresa Miller
Michelle Miller
Dennis Morgan
Constance Norris
Nancy Olive
Sue Olney
Rebecca Osborne
Andy and Jane Phillips
Joe and Amber Pierce
Sarah Pugh
Elaine Redmond
Brad and Rita Reedy
Vicky Rich
John & Michelle Rogers
Ralph & Dianne Salzer
Bob & Joyce Schneider
Laurie Shaw
Danielle Smith
Carolyn J Souslin
Susie Tutt
Tracy Wentz
Nancy Whaley
Jacqueline Wolfe
Frank Zang
John and Barb Anderson
Robert & Barbara Armen
Bruce and Marlene Babcock
Janice Barnes
Stan & Denise Barnette
Barbara Bash
Rosalinde Baughman
William & Karen Beckley
Earl and Susan Beery
Steve & Debbie Behringer
Duane & Elizabeth Bennett
Cheryl Berner
Glenna & Stacey Bitler
Monte & Susan Black
Sharon  Black
Rich & Tracy Bowlen
Wolfgang Boyer
Anna Brand
Colleen Brinkley
Jim & Judy Brock
Clint & Kathy Brown
Doug and Brenda Brown
Laura Brown
Jamie Bryant
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Burns
Ed & Mary Carpenter
Judy Carroll
Chris & Kim Chong & Family
Kim Christian
Judd and Mary Ann Clover
Butch & Tressy Collins
Joyce Collins
David Cook
Lester & Wanda Courtney
Dr. Lori Cronin
George & Pam Daft
Dale and Christina Davis
Jerry and Linda Deeds
Gary & Penny DeMastry
Michelle Dille
Cindy Dishon
L. Everitt
Kevin & Mardi McCluer
John & Debbie McGushin
Bob & Julie Mervis
Phyllis Metzger
Rose Miller
Connie Miller
Joe & Tammie Montle
Philip & Cecelia Mullin
Barbara Needham
Dan & Robin Nichols
Terry and Sue Oehrtman
Stephen & Diana Pickett
John and Jennifer Rabb
Leta Ray
Joe & Melissa Robers
Julia Robinson
Michael, Jill & Kids Sabol
Tom & Susan Saddler
Jeff and Carol Sauer
Joe & Lyn Sayre
Denise & Jamie Schoonover
Charles & Marilyn Shonebarger
Ed and Linda Showman
John Sigafoos
James E. Smith
John & Juliann Smith
Joyce Snyder
Bob & Beth Sparks
Patricia Starcher
Amber & William Stephens
David and Charlene Thompson
Nick & Debbie Tullius
Terre Vandervoort
Kristin Vanecko
Richard Varney
Dave & Barb White
Robert & Joann Wilson
Robert Wilson
April Wood
Bryan & Lisa Wysong
Jan Yaple
Frank Zang
Timothy and Uma Zielinski
Stacy Ewing
Joseph Faber
Mike & Debbie Faiella
Elaine Fairchild
Biggie Family
Rodenbaugh Family
Mary Faries
James Ferguson
Richard and Nan Fetters
Nancy Fleming
Tim & Jan Gase
Todd George
Mike & Lori Glassmacher
Paul & Kathy Goetz
Jim & Joyce Guenther
James and Jalinda Haughn
Britt and Lesley Hayes
James & Sharon Hedges
Mike & Sue Henwood
Jean Holdridge
Bernard & Carole Holland
Eric & Penny Hubbard
Claire Huffman
Karen Hurles
Ann Huston
Brent Jenkins
Dick & Nancy Jolley
Donna Keaton
Jim and Nancie Kennedy
Jerry and Lyne Kennedy-Starner
Leslie King-Vitela
Terry, Lisa, Dalton & Hunter Kleman
Larry & Judy Landis
James & Phyllis Lanfear
Pam Laposki
Earl & Nancy Lehman
Verena Lucker
Anita Lunn
JD & Cheryl Mace
Jerry and Carole Allen
Jim Aranda
Jay Bahnsen
Doug and Kathy Beck
Richard Benadum
Cynthia Berens
Carol Bowen
Chris Bowser
Katrina Bradford
James & Mary Cain
Judith Cain
Rebecca Carter
Lee Childs
Rebecca Clark
Sheila Cochran
Beverly Cody
Amie Cohen
Madalyn Conrad
Laura Cooper
Kathy Cottrill
Rosemary Crum
Kenneth Darst
Brian & Karen Delong
Mark and Wendy Dibling
Tammy Drobina
Joann Elick
Pamela Emrick
Lois Fox
Donna Freeman
Diane Friesner
Eugene Gray
Barbara Griggs
Robert Grove
Kay Gustavson
Mary Kay Hale
Terri Harlan
Rob Hartsell
Suzan Heiber
Bob Henahan
Cara Jo Hinton
Ann Humphrey
Bradley Huston
Krista Hyme
Sue Jones
Sherry Jones
Amy Kabel
Nicole Kellner-Swick
Jo Anne Kelly
Terrye Kennedy
Gary Kern
Carol Kessler
Tonya Kraner
Sandy Kuhn
Craig Lewis
Sue Lockwood

Sherry Lovell
Tah-Wee-Nah Mackley
Michelle Maskulinski
Mary Alice McBrayer
Wilma and Lynn McDougle
Karen McGraw
Eric McKinney
Tom Mertz
Steve Miller
Michelle Miller
Todd Moore
Denise Morris
Mari Noda
Sharon Nusser
Nancy Olive
Sarah Pugh
Elizabeth Rayot
James and Mary Reed
Sue Schmitz
Cheryl Seeley
Anita Spencer
Terry Staley
Karen Taskey
Tim Thompson
Marcia Todd
Tammie Wears
Theresa Wessel
Mag Wright
Ruth Andrews
Cindy Armstrong
Virginia Boerstler
Bonnie Bolsen
Betty Bookman
Janet Boyer
John Brackbill
Arlene Bradford
Faith Brown
Robert Buchanan
Barbara Bushee
Debbie Cameron
John Campbell
Cathy Campbell
Donna Carsey
Barb Christel
Karla Coffman
Christopher Coppus
Betty Cruit
LuAnn Darfus
Eva Davis
Paul and Sue Diehm
Dianne Drozdowicz
William Dunfee
Betty Ept
Linda Fiely
Chuck and Michele Fox
John Frohnapfel
R. Mike Gallagher
Grace Gavin
Becky George
Lorelei & Dave Gibbs
Marlene Gibson
Jena Gilbert
Jean Gray
Doris Hammack
K P Heath
Sherry Heisterkamp
Liselotte Hermann
Nelson and Judy Hicks
Cynthia Hillis
Marylou Hillis
Carol Hilyard
Linda Hinton
Linda Holcomb
Lois Hunt
Lynnette Kelley
Raylene Kos
Linda Lally
Janet Landato
Carol Langenberg
Shelby Lilly
Steve & Julie Lindsey
James Love
Fred & Connie Loy
Paul Manning
Kathy Martin
Carolyn Miller
Janice Mills
Marie Moneypenny
Wilcie Mull
Howard & Dorothy Nicholson
Barbara Poole
Beverly Puckett
Janet Quellhorst
Larry & Joy Redd
Charles and Betty Reed
Maureen Rice
Christina Rotunda
Carole Schoonover
Sharon Sellitto
Sharon Shafer
Nick & Ellen Shaw
Cheri Shaw
Gary Short
Sherry Short
Floyd Shugert
Tamera Smith
Mariam Stampfle
Nancy Strosnider
William Swartz
April Swinehart
Nils Theller
Susie Tutt
Ruth Ann Wahl
Dessie Walls
Neal & Donna Welch
William & Linda Werner
Fonda Williams
Jacqueline Wolfe
Greg & Shirley Woltz
Jerry Woodgeard
Kristi Ziegler
Fred and Tana Adams
Larry & Sharon Aebersold
John & Mara Alcock
Thomas & Deborah Allen
Scott Alspaugh
Mary AnnAlten
Sharon Altman
Kathleen Amato
Thomas Antes
Brenda Apple
Ray & Margie Ayers
John Bakitis
Joan Ballweg
Donnie Barringer
Jeff and Robin Bash
James Bates
Jason Bauer
Judi Baumgardt
Jean Beck
Jeff & Cheryle Bell
Clint Bement
Larry Beougher
Robert & Sheila Bergin
Sondra Berkshire
Nancy Berry
Sieglinde Berry
Ric Betzler
William & JoAnn Blackmon
Patricia Boch
Robert and Marjorie Boren
Merwyn Bowdish
Jon & Judi Boyd
Howard and Jean Bradford
Arlen & Nellie Brisker
Barger Brooke
Tussing, Laura Bruce, Josh
Deborah Bruck-Whetherholt
Sheila Buchanan
Gerald and Bonnie Butler
Debbie Cameron
Sheila Campbell
Mary Carey
Bettie Carruthers
Donna Castle
Joseph Cattrell
Carol Chafin
Clark Insurance
Roger Cole
Tom and Nancy Conrad
Donald Cook
Kevin Cottrill
Fran Cox
Lori Cramer
Louise Davidson
Robert & Myrna Davis
Joyce Dawson
Mary Dearwester
Anthony Delmatto
Norman Denney
Wayne D Lape
Lucille Larbig
Valerie Laughlin
John Lester
Katharine Lied
Polly Lyons
Gary Marburger
Jodie Marion
Gale Markus
John & Susan Marque
Larry Mason
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Dwight & Doris Motts
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Phyllis Nogawick
Maxine Nutt
Gloria Oesterling
Jenny O'Hare
Randal and Catherine Olshefski
Margaret Owen
Della Partridge
Dave & Lynn Patchen
Jackson & Theresa Patterson
Mary Ann Persons
Gary & Joan Phillips
Nancy Jo Pifer
Richard & Debra Putnam
Stephen & Margaret Ranft
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Genevieve Rogers
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Lancaster Estates & L.E. Storage
North End Press
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Warren & Donna Dewees
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Michelle Dodds
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Tom & Sherry Dorman
Tammy Drobina
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Les & Rita Estep
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