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Dear Animal Lover,


As another unprecedented year comes to a close I hope this letter finds you and your family well.  You are receiving this letter as part of our annual Membership Drive.  This year has seen its own set of challenges as we all adapt to the current state of things.  Whether we are experiencing the “new norm” or not, one thing has become very clear, the demand for our services continues to grow exponentially.  Last year I wrote you about our plans to expand the capacity of our services.  I am happy to say that even with some delays we have been able to increase our ability to help animals and their families within and around Fairfield County.  With that said, I have included the graphic above to show how your support touches every part of our organization, and touches the lives of thousands of animals each year.


What does this graphic represent over the past 12 months, and compared to its previous 12 months?


  • 4,277 vet clinic appointments from 2,585
  • 6,077 flea treatments for owned pets from 3,700
  • 2,554 grooming appointments from 1,400
  • 1,302 adoptions from 1,100 adoptions
  • 1,500 spay/neuters of owned pets
  • 3,143 nail trims from 1,600 nail trims



Our mission to Connect Animals & Community through Rescue, Adoption & Education, bolstered by your support, continues to make a noticeable difference in and around Fairfield County.  Proof of that success can be as simple as the numbers above.  Personally I prefer to see the successes of my support for an organization with a site visit.  That is why I am inviting you to our Open House on Wednesday, December 22nd from 3pm – 7pm.  This is nothing formal, but a direct invitation for you to come see firsthand all of the work we do, our newest expansions to our vet clinic and grooming, and our new Puppy Wing!  You can even get your holiday pet shopping done while you visit as we have great deals on many retail items.  Please mark your calendars as we are excited to show you how your support improves thousands of animals lives each year.  I hope that you will lend your support by filling out and mailing the enclosed Membership Application.  Remember that your membership/donation is tax deductible as we are a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Remember that your membership/donation is tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Please complete the 2022 Membership Drive Application below.

Thank you for your support,

Corey Schoonover
Executive Director