2020 = 40
Don’t be confused by the line above. This isn’t a test, a new common core math problem, or even an acknowledgement of terrible math skills. The year 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the Fairfield Area Humane Society in its current form. You are receiving this letter as part of our 2020 Membership Drive in hopes that you will help make our 40th year the most impactful yet. As a no-kill, private non-profit organization we depend on donations from the communities we serve and those who join us through this fundraiser.

To connect animals and our community through rescue, adoption and education. How do we champion that mission? The easy answer is blood, sweat and tears in the most literal of terms. The long answer is to list off the many services we offer, and continue to add, to better the lives of all the animals and people we touch. Here we go:

Employing the Humane Officer for all of Fairfield County, we investigate all complaints of animal abuse/neglect. On average those cases result in the seizure of nearly 150 animals per year.

Our intake of cats, dogs and other domestic animals come from surrenders, injured/stray, seizure or other shelter/rescue transfers. Those intakes turned into over 1,000 adoptions in 2018.

Over the counter flea treatment, nail trims and microchips offered at the lowest pricing around, any time that we are open.

We now offer 18 clinics a year to get your animal fixed without breaking the bank.

These are offered quarterly to keep your animals up to date on core vaccines that will keep them healthy and save you money on potentially expensive illnesses.

Keeping your pets happy, healthy and looking their best. And why not have us watch your furry loved one while on vacation? Great services at affordable prices.

Group classes offered in the summer, private lessons offered year round.

Our Wellness Clinic offers quality vet care at the most affordable prices. Open to anyone who has a pet needing vaccines, diagnostic testing such as bloodwork, preventatives, dentals and more. Dare to compare, you will not be disappointed.

I am sure that I have forgotten something, but hope the short descriptions of what is included help to illustrate the many ways we impact lives. That list will continue to grow at the end of this year and into 2020.

Helping to control the stray cat population is the focus of our soon to be Beat the Heat T-N-R program. A reincarnation of something we did a few years ago, but we are bringing surgeries in-house with hopes of making the program sustainable long term. We are also growing again with a much needed building expansion. Over the next couple of months, you will see the front of our building transform again with the addition of a new lobby and additional adoption rooms. This will help us better serve all of those who utilize
our services and making your experience top notch. I hope that you will join in supporting the Fairfield Area Humane Society.
Remember that your membership/donation is tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Please complete the 2020 Membership Drive Application below.
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Thank you for your support,

Corey Schoonover
Executive Director