Do you have plenty of patience, time, and TLC to go around? Please consider joining our foster care program!

Our FAHS foster families play a vital role in the lives of young kittens and puppies who enter our care. By housing and caring for animals who are too young, small, or sick to be at the shelter  (followed by welcoming new foster pets into their homes), they provide a renewable lifesaving resource to aid us in saving more homeless pets in need.

How Does The Program Work?

As a foster family, you will be added to our FAHS Foster Facebook group to receive notification of animals in need of foster care. If you are willing and able to foster an animal, we will make arrangements for you to pick up the animal and all needed supplies from the shelter. FAHS provides all supplies and medical care - our foster families provide love and snuggles! Support is available for after-hours emergencies as well. Fostering is generally a 2-8 week commitment depending on the particular animal(s), though every animal and situation is different.

Examples of animals needing foster care include:

  • Nursing mothers with kittens/puppies
  • Bottle babies (Orphaned kittens/puppies without a mother, needing bottle feeding)
  • Weight gainers (Weaned kittens/puppies who are too young/small to be housed at the shelter)
  • Medical special needs (adults or puppies/kittens recovering from surgeries, illnesses, or being worked up for chronic medical issues that are not ready for adoption)
  • Weaned kittens/puppies who are awaiting kennel space to open up to return to the shelter

If you are interested in becoming an FAHS Foster Family, please complete the application below. We will contact you with the next steps to becoming a foster! Thank you for opening your home and heart to our animals in need.