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Rascal Unit staff travels throughout the State of Ohio providing low-cost sterilization and wellness care. Our goal is to decrease euthanasia rates and pet surrender due to a pet owner’s inability to afford care for their pet. We also hope to help decrease pet over population, shelter overcrowding, and animal euthanasia at shelters due to space by providing an affordable, yet high quality, pet sterilization service.

The Rascal Unit is not a charitable organization, but we work closely with Rascal Charities, Inc to help subsidize sterilization and wellness clinics for individuals that cannot afford even our low cost prices or have too many animals under their care.
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January 30
February 15 + 27
March 27
April 5 + 17
May 15
June 12 + 28
July 10
August 7 + 23
September 25
October 4 + 30
November 20
December 4 + 13
$60.00 for all cats (male or female)
$110.00 for all dogs (male or female regardless of size)

The above pricing includes a fee to FAHS as the hosting organization, and not pricing set by Rascal Unit Inc. FAHS reserves the right to limit scheduling.

Proof of current rabies vaccine (certificate only) is $7 off surgery prices.  Payment is required to secure an appointment time for our clinics, there are no refunds. Please stop at the shelter during business hours to schedule your appointment today (cash or check only).

Call for more information 740-687-0627.